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Painted Passion


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Painted Passion
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Enjoying the last day of merriment in LOVE Park, Kevin Zahir Dunmore sees a woman across the courtyard, and knows instantly he has to capture her image. He doesn’t miss a step, sketching page after page of her silhouette. If only he were close enough to see the shade of her eyes. Never one to let a moment pass he approaches her, swagger peppering his steps. Little does he know…his life will never be the same. 

 The sensation is of butterfly wings skimming down her neck and across her exposed shoulders. Ashlyn Farrell feels open, and she relishes the imaged touch. She’s forever in control, and her life as a photojournalist depends on that control. However, on that day, she lowers her professional camera and basks in it. She wants to roll her head back toward her shoulders and raise her arms to the sun.

Kevin and Ashlyn are vastly different, him from the Southside of Philadelphia, she a child of privilege, raised in the gated communities of suburban Chicago. He’s a self made, younger man, who’s charming, confident, and at times slightly arrogant. She’s worldly, brilliant, and a tad bit reserved. As their lives become more intertwined, traveling from the cool surf of the Atlantic, to the heated hills of So Paulo, their passion ignites, but is their love strong enough to face the skepticism of her family?

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